Half Moon Bay History Association
Celebrating the Legacies of the Coastside

It was a wonderful evening of presentation AND before and after conversations

If you missed this one... Come to our next meeting!

​​​​Tuesday, September 11, 2012      5:30PM

Coastside Art Gallery
330 Main Street, Half Moon Bay​​
​The Remarkable Story of Two Strong Sisters
… Of Spanishtown and Yerba Buena
    (Half Moon Bay and San Francisco)

- Guadalupe Briones Miramontes was very well known in her time as the matriarch of the early Mexican community in Half Moon Bay.​

Jeanne Farr ​McDonnell is a Fulbright Scholar, has a master’s degree in American literature. She has worked as executive director of several nonprofit organizations that specialized in history and in the environment, and she held jobs in the fields of journalism and publishing.
Her recent book, “Juana Briones, of 19th Century California” is the foundation of her presentation for the History Association.
The Miramontes Adobe
Guadalupe Briones de Miramontes home in Half Moon Bay
NW Corner, Mill and Johnston Sts.
(Represented in HMBHA Diorama Project)
- Juana Briones, her sister, is still celebrated today for both her amazing business and her life accomplishments in San Francisco - - and down the Peninsula to Palo Alto.