Membership to Half Moon Bay History Association

The Half Moon Bay History Association is proud to launch our new membership program for 2020.

Membership in HMBHA is your statement of support to the preservation of local history. Your support makes it possible for us to construct a museum, continue programs, and attract contributions from sponsors and donors who see that we have a well established body of individuals to be served. Most of all, your membership lets us know who you are and how we can ensure HMBHA is providing the contents, exhibits, and presentations that you want to see.

Basic Membership will remain at $25.00 for one calendar year. Basic Membership provides a casual relationship with HMBHA allowing access to Member Only programs as well a free gift just for joining.

As the museum begins to take shape, HMBHA will be offering a second tier of membership, the Supporting Member, which will provide free access to paid events at the museum, access to special events for Supporting Member, and discounts on merchandise. We encourage all you who are interested in being a Supporting Member and upgrading when the new tier is available. Existing basic members will be able to upgrade at a discount.

Be a part of Half Moon Bay History and join today!